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Lab. For human evolutionary studies.

17 november 1994

Dear prof. Pesce Delfino,

I am writing to, first, offer my congratulations on the absolutely marvellous and remarkable find of the prehistoric human skeleton in the recesses of the Solagne cave at Altamura. Indeed there can be absolutely no question that this is surely one of the most serendipitous and important discoveries ever to come to light in the history of human paleontology. We all owe a great deal of thanks and appreciation to the venturesome speleologists who encountered the remains and promptly made knowdledge of its existence to a qualified and experienced scientific consortium such as your own.

I have, of course, seen various news , reports of the discovery. However, your recent paper, with E. Vacca, in Human Evolution (’94) now gives us a well-illustrated account of what is exactly entailed in the discovery. Thus, may I ask if you could please send me a separate of this useful paper for my lab/library.

I am familiar with your important contribution on the analytical morphology of the Circeo cranium in the magnificent volume devoted to the analysis and understanding of that very important cranium. In your contribution you cite many publications by yourself and your associates on morphological analysis and methodologies relevant there to. Many of these are either not readily available or very difficult to find, if at all, in our large university library. Thus, if at possible, might you be able to send me any or all of these publications so that I might have them in our laboratory. I read Italian and thus that is not a language barrier for me. There would be most welcome indeed both for my own use, and that of my collegue Prof. T.D. White, and some of our concerned students. I would be most grateful in this regard.

I trust that one day soon we may have a chance to meet personally and discuss matters of mutual interest, including of course the Altamura find.

Meanwhile, my very best wishes, my thanks, and strongest encouragement in your very welcome research efforts in respect to this extremely important addition to the human fossil record


F. Clark Howell
(Professor paleoanthropology)

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